Our History

Detroit Cultural is a quarterly arts publication that focuses on the ways in which culture and urban development inform one another. Via in depth interviews with artists, curators, critics, and scholars, this publication explores issues that exist at the intersection of the urban, the cultural, and the political.

We believe that culture and politics are not simply fields of study, but also overlapping lenses through which we understand the world around us. Everything is political, and everything is cultural (in this context we use “cultural” to mean “not natural”, but the product of a society– even the “natural” is a culturally constructed concept). The cultural is circumscribed by the political, and the political is circumscribed by the cultural. There is no stepping outside of these contexts. With that in mind, we believe that an interdisciplinary approach is the most effective methodology for handling the complexity and plurality of approaches to the intersection of cultural studies and critical urban theory.

In exploring this intersection, Detroit Cultural takes as its primary focus:

  1. The ways in which culture is utilized for political and commercial ends, and as a tool for reshaping urban space. Culture is the commodity that sells all the others.

  2. The social and political responsibilities of artists, curators, and art institutions. How can cultural institutions act as models of democracy and equity for institutions across broader contexts?

While first and foremost maintaining a specific focus on what is happening here in Detroit, Detroit Cultural also looks outward, covering these subjects across broader contexts, and conversing with those doing work in these areas from across the globe.

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